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Electric vehicle charging - FAQs

Here you will find answers to some FAQs relating to EV Charging in and around Waverley.

Why EV Charging?

The installation of EV charging points in Waverley follows a government directive to promote electric vehicle ownership and plans to stop the sale of petrol/diesel vehicles by 2040.

As a council, we have a responsibility to help provide and promote transport solutions which are more energy efficient and cost effective, with reduced carbon emissions, and this is one of the ways in which we are doing this.

Which Waverley car parks have EV charge points?

The council has partnered with ChargePoint Services to provide two new GeniePoint rapid chargers (50kW+) in each of the following car parks: Crown Court in Godalming, High Street in Haslemere and Stocklunds Square in Cranleigh.

How do I find car parks with charge points?

Click on the name of the car park below for a map and directions on how to find the new charge points:

What cars do they charge?

The charge points can charge any EV or hybrid vehicle. The chargers are fitted with two recognised DC connectors - CCS and Chademo.

How do I start to use them?

To use a charge point drivers must register and set up an account by going to Users must add a valid payment card and ensure that they have sufficient funds to start a charge session.

Instructions on how to use the charger are displayed on the front of each charge point. The GeniePoint app can also be downloaded which gives full instructions on how to use each point as well as displaying how much a current charge is costing.

How much do they cost?

The cost for usage is a £1.00 connection fee plus £0.30p per kilowatt hour.

Users must also pay and display a valid car parking ticket and are asked to move vehicles after charging is complete to allow others to use the facility.

How long can I charge my car for?

Drivers can charge a car for up to 90 minutes. A penalty charge of £10.00 will be charged for any vehicle connected for over 90 minutes and a further £10.00 for every subsequent 90 minutes.

After charging please move your vehicle to allow others to use the facility.

How do I report a fault?

To report a fault with any of the above charge points call the GeniePoint help line on 0203 598 4087.

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