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About Environmental Services

Environmental services delivers some of the highest profile and most used services in the borough and incorporates:

  • recycling
  • street cleaning
  • emergency planning
  • car parking
  • environmental health
  • health and safety
  • energy efficiency.

The performance of these services is central to the excellent satisfaction levels achieved with the council and with the borough as a whole.

Waverley collects around 40,000 tonnes of recycling and refuse and cleans more than 1,460km of streets per annum.

Recycling rates are well above 50% and we have set ourselves an ambitious target of 60% to be achieved in the next year with progress being set by a threefold increase in the green waste collection service.

Environmental Health responds to over 6,000 service requests every year and our car parks attract over 3 million users a year.

Our newly launched pay by phone service is used by 8,000 customers every month.

Important parts of the service are managed through established contractors and effective contract management and monitoring of performance is given a high priority.

It's an exciting time for the service as they take forward a number of high profile projects aimed at bringing further improvements in service delivery while at the same time implementing new technology, and achieving greater efficiencies.

Our priorities

  • Continuing to increase recycling rates and reducing levels of contamination.
  • Implementing our car parking strategy.
  • Working with colleagues corporately to deliver further improvements in customer service.
  • Further improving standards of street cleanliness across the borough.
  • Maximising the benefits of our excellent partnership with Biffa.
  • Utilisation of new technology including a mobile working solution for food inspections and new in cab monitoring technology for waste and recycling collections.
  • Building on the success of the mixed dry recycling, food waste and new garden waste services.
  • Continuing to build on our strengths in contract and performance management.
  • Extending our Primary Authority Partnerships for Food and Health and Safety.
  • Refreshing key emergency response plans, health and safety policies and business continuity plans.
  • Seeking out new opportunities to increase operational efficiencies and continue to drive down energy costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Identifying ongoing invest to save opportunities.

Careers in Environmental Services

Whether you join us as a trainee, a manager or anything in between, Waverley is committed to your development.

You'll have regular 1:2:1 meetings with your manager to discuss your performance and development needs.

You'll also take part in regular team meetings and work proactively with elected members supporting them in their role as community champions.

Environmental professionals

Environmental professionals need to stay up-to-date with developments in the sector, keep abreast of current issues and consider a range of ways to develop new skills and knowledge.

Waverley will support you in a number of ways including:

  • presenting at committee meetings
  • professional development
  • training and courses
  • through positive engagement with your manager.

What staff say

Comments from former Head of Environmental Services

'My career progression at Waverley has been impressive by any standard and so have the opportunities that have been available to me to really develop my confidence and skills as a senior manager.'

Comments from Senior Environmental Health Officer

'Waverley is a great place to work, with wonderful people and plenty of support and recognition. It's given me everything I needed to make the next step in my career.'

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