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Licences and registrations - Premises licence

Premises licence

We issue all licences in the borough for:

  • pubs
  • clubs
  • off-licences
  • other entertainment venues (eg cinemas, theatres and community halls which provide entertainment).
Additional notes

Your premises must be licensed if they fall into one or more of these categories:

  1. the sale by retail of alcohol
  2. the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club
  3. the provision of regulated entertainment
  4. the provision of late night refreshment.

Items 1 and 2 above cover the activities of:

  • off-licences
  • supermarkets and other shops where alcohol is sold
  • pubs and nightclubs
  • registered member clubs
  • sport and social clubs
  • other similar premises.

Item 3 - regulated entertainment - includes:

  • a performance of a play (theatre)
  • a exhibition of a film (cinema)
  • an indoor sporting event
  • a boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • a performance of live music
  • any playing of recorded music
  • a performance of dance
  • entertainment of a similar nature to that listed above

where the entertainment takes place in the presence of an audience and is provided for entertaining that audience. This includes entertainment designed to make a profit.

Item 4 - late night refreshment - applies to any premises that provides hot food or drink at any time between 11pm - 5am. This may include a:

  • takeaway food premises
  • takeaway food mobile vehicle
  • restaurants selling food and/or hot drinks.

There are certain exemptions, such as for hotels and similar premises, clubs and employees. Where the premises offers facilities for the customer to heat the food (a microwave in a petrol station, for example) the sale does not need to be licensed.

When is a Premises Licence needed?

A Premises Licence is likely to be required for any site or premises where any of the activities described above (licensable activities) take place. Waverley has published its Statement of Licensing Policy. Applicants for Premises Licences will need to take this document into account when making the application. They will submit an Operating Schedule as part of the application. A Licence, where it includes the sale of alcohol, must specify a designated premises supervisor (who must have a personal licence).

Licences will be subject to limitations such as times of opening, and possibly conditions required by the 'responsible authorities' in appropriate cases. Undertakings will be given by applicants and they must abide by these conditions and undertakings.

A premises licences will continue for the life of the business unless there are significant changes, insolvency or closure and surrender of the licence.


If you need to apply for a licence, you must comply with the Statement of Licensing Policy.

Public register

For more information and advice, please contact:

Paul Hughes
Licensing Manager
Waverley Borough Council
The Burys

Tel: 01483 523189
Fax: 01483 523475

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