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Licences and registrations - House to house collection licence

House to house collection licence

If you wish to carry out a house to house collection for charitable or similar purposes, you will need to apply for a permit.

We will consider your application and will need to be satisfied that an acceptable percentage of the total proceeds of the collection will go to charity.



Charities in possession of a Home Office Exemption Order are exempt from requiring a permit to carry out House to House Collections. If you are exempt, please notify us of any forthcoming collections in the Waverley area. You can call us on 01483 523219 or email us at licensing@waverley.gov.uk

Any other groups or organisations wishing to collect money or other goods will need to apply for a permit.

You must check availability and reserve dates before applying for permit:

  1. Please contact the licensing administrator on 01483 523219 or licensing@waverley.gov.uk to check the availability of your proposed collection dates.
  2. If the dates on which you propose to collect are already reserved, you will be advised of available alternative dates.
  3. Once dates have been agreed, the collection will be provisionally reserved, and no other charities will be offered the opportunity to collect on these dates.
  4. Applications then must be made at least 28 days prior to the collection start date, and will normally be for a period of no more than four weeks in a calendar year.

We limit the duration and number of permits issued to prevent multiple collections taking place at once.


There is no fee to be paid for the issuing of a permit; however there are strict regulations and guidelines, which must be adhered to. Failure to do so could result in the refusal to grant a permit.

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