Licences and registrations - Street trading consent

Street trading consent

You need to apply for consent for street trading in Waverley.

There are two types of consent issued in Waverley:

  • for individuals acting as sole traders
  • where community-run or special events take place and the organiser applies on behalf of all the traders at the event.
Application form

Download street trading consent application forms

You may wish to read our application guidance notes before completing your application.


Please enclose the correct fee with your application and make cheques payable to Waverley Borough Council.

Category Description Fee
1 Sole trader, annual consent £290
2 Schedule 2 event, up to 50 traders, annual consent £300
3 Schedule 2 event, 51 traders or more, annual consent £230
4 Schedule 2 event, up to 50 traders, single event £140
5 Schedule 2 event, 51 traders or more, single event £150
Additional notes

Download Waverley's Street trading policy

Street trading - food

If you intend to street trade in food, eg ice cream, burger van etc, then you will also need to register with the Food and Health and Safety Team. It is free to register.
You should register with the local authority where you keep your vehicle.

Street trading applications open for consultation

A list of current applications open for consultation is available on this website. If you wish to make a representation, there is a link on individual application pages.

Public register

Environmental Health Customer & Technical Support Team on 01483 523393 or

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