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New measures came into place across England on 5 November to help protect people, businesses and the NHS and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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Licences and registrations - Food business registration

Food business registration

If you want to open or run a food business, you must register with Waverley, under EC Regulation 852/2004 (Food Premises). You must do so at least 28 days before your food business opens.


Who needs to register?

  • Any business preparing food on the premises
  • any business selling food on the premises (including pharmacies that sell baby milk)
  • mobile catering vans and stalls
  • any business preparing food at home (including childminders)

If you own more than one food business establishment - you must register each separately. If you share premises with another food business - each must still be registered separately.

Additional notes

If you handle products of animal origin

Food business establishments handling, preparing or producing products of animal origin must, with some limited exceptions, be approved by the Local Authority rather than registered. Please telephone 01483 523393 to discuss your food business with one of the Food Safety Team.

Download the Application for approval of a food business to handle products of animal origin.

You do not need to register if your business is only engaged in farming activities or the direct supply of small quantities of farmed products to the final consumer or to a local trader supplying the final consumer.

Public register

Environmental Health Customer & Technical Support Team on 01483 523393 or

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