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Representations received during consultation

Response 1

From: Cranleigh Parish Council

Good Afternoon

The Parish Council discussed the Interim Polling District and Polling Place Review 2022 at its last meeting on 20 October 2022 and would like to make the following comments:

The Council would like to ask Waverley Borough Council to consider using the Village Hall and Youth Centre in Cranleigh as these venues are easier for drop off and collection, and the Youth Centre has parking.

Response 2

From: Food / Baby Bank Cranleigh

Thank you for asking for views on this.  Having done a quick ask around those using Baby Bank and toddler/ carer drop in this morning, the main comment seemed to be that it would be helpful to have a polling station down the other end of the High Street rather than the Arts Centre and Snoxhall.

It may be that you prefer not to use Church buildings, but if that was not a constraint, the Methodist Church Hall or meeting Room would seem to be ideal - full accessibility (powered door, ramp, disabled toilet etc), access from front or back (off Stocklund Square car park), parking in the car park and disabled car parking at the front.

Otherwise there were no real comments.


Response 3

From: resident from Badshot Lea

As a resident of Badshot Lea, the use of the St George's Church Hall for Poling days has been very convenient for all of the village residents. This saves disruption of the school, is central to the village and has a large car park for those unable to walk to the venue.


Response 4

From: resident from new Western Commons Ward


As you are conducting a review of polling stations, I would like to take the opportunity to raise that at least 3 of the Polling Stations (Churt, Thursley, Tilford) are in buildings operating as children’s nurseries. When my children were at Tilford nursery I had to book annual leave to cover polling day because the nursery closed. This isn’t ideal as it displaces time that could be spent with children during the school holidays and isn’t always an option for people working in fields where they can’t always choose when to book leave (or if self employed, perhaps can’t afford to). It feels an unreasonable burden unfairly placed on working families with nursery-age children and I would encourage other venues to be considered.
Kind Regards

Response 5

From: resident from Farnham

I have read the current proposals for polling stations and seen the maps, and wish to raise the issue in respect of the new Farnham Bourne ward.  This has taken in part of Shortheath ward (and my postcode GU10 4SN) to the far west boundary with new Firgrove and Rowledge. wards.  Electors in Shortheath and Boundstone previously had two polling districts but voted at the same polling station St Peter's C of E School, Little Green Lane.

Bourne ward also had two polling stations North at St Thomas-on-the Bourne Church and South at South Farnham Infants.  Though it is now larger in area,  it is proposed to have only one polling station FBA  at St Thomas-on-the-Bourne Church on the A287 Frensham Road.

The distance from my road to the previous polling station up two steep hills is 0.5 miles.  The distance proposed now still up a steep hill is 1.3 miles, even further than the Ridgway shopping parade.  I suggest a rethink as the centre of population is to the west not the centre of the top of the map.  Either Brambleton Hall or St Peter's School which are going to be used for Firgrove ward are much nearer and what happened to Wrecclesham Community Centre which is also in new Firgrove ward?  There is a Royal British Legion hall in Burnt Hill Road which could be considered for those in Bourne South.

Response 6

From: Parish & Borough Councillor Ewhurst

Happy with existing Polling Station provision.

Response 7

From: Borough Councillor Farnham

I note that St. Peter's School is still listed for Shortheath & Boundstone but that Ward is being abolished.

Also I am curious why the Wrecclesham Community Centre has apparently been removed as a station.

Response 8

From: County Councillor Farnham

Regarding Farnham North West I believe that there should be at least two polling stations

I would suggest one at Folly Hill School as it is the only public building in the Folly Hill area that has been craved away from the rest of Upper Hale in this boundary review – completely wrong in my opinion

There is no public building in the southern part of the ward, but the Memorial Hall is very close so I suggest that may be the only option – again another example of why this particular ward boundaries make no sense.  

For Farnham Heath End – Heath End 2 and 3 are very close together and there is no polling station near the most densely populated area in Sandy Hill.  I would suggest Heath End 3 is moved to either the Hale Community Centre or Hale School or St Marks Church

Kind Regards

Response 9

From Borough Councillor Haslemere

Given that the Haslemere West area has been reduced in size from three to two councillors and a proportionate reduction of electors, I consider that only one site is therefore needed which should be the Haslewey centre.

I agree with the provision of the other sites in Haslemere

Response 10

From Borough Councillor Shamley Green

While I am still totally unhappy with the outcome of the review which will further undermine local democracy, I am content with the proposed polling station for my current ward.

Response 11

From Borough Councillor Haslemere

Dear Tom

I note the proposal to have a polling station at Haslemere Hall and I have no problem with that, however you should be aware the NHS have withdrawn retinal service from there due to disabled access problems.

Response 12

From county councillor Waverley Western Villages

All the polling stations proposed for Waverley Western Villages area are fine by me.

Response 13

From Borough Councillor Farnham

My comments relate to the new proposed Farnham North West ward which is being formed from parts of the existing Castle ward and Upper Hale wards. Under existing arrangements those currently resident in Castle ward have to vote at The Memorial Hall whilst those resident in Upper Hale ward have to vote at the Hale Village Hall. Both these polling stations are, however, outside the boundaries of the new Farnham North West ward. The only location in the new ward that could be considered for use as a polling station is St Francis Church Hall on Three Stiles Road (postcode GU9 8BS) - this hall is, however, very small and not that well located with no public transport service. It would be particularly difficult for those living in the Upper Hale area to reach particularly if they did not have access to private transport.    

I would, therefore, suggest that for the greatest benefit for voter accessibility the existing arrangements should continue to apply with residents of the existing Castle ward continuing to vote at The Memorial Hall and residents of the existing Upper Hale ward continuing to vote at Hale Village Hall. This would, however, mean that The Memorial Hall and Hale Village Hall would both be polling stations for two separate wards although this is a situation that has existed elsewhere in the Borough before.