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Representations received during consultation

Resident in Waverley 03/10/2023
This is a general comment about polling places, rather than any specific location.

The requirement for proof of ID for voting has introduced a new accessibility issue for people with disabilities. Government guidance is that you will not be issued a separate proof of ID for voting if you already have any of the list of approved pieces of identification. One of these is your blue badge. Many voters with disabilities do not own a passport or a driving license: it is difficult to travel abroad with a disability, and many disabilities make driving impossible. Which means they have to bring their blue badge into the polling station with them as proof of id in order to vote.  And this means they cannot use their blue badge to park at the polling station.  Catch-22.

At the last local elections, my polling station was within walking distance, and fortunately I am strong enough to push my disabled daughter in her wheelchair all the way to the polling station to vote. She would not have been able to vote if we had to take the car.

Unless you can think of a better solution, all I can suggest is signage outside the polling stations that says blue badge users should leave their badge in the car as usual; if it’s their only form of ID, someone from the polling station will accompany them back to the car to check it.

Cllr Ruth Reed (Cranleigh East)– 08/10/2033
I do not know of any suitable alternative venue for a Polling Station in Cranleigh East 2. The Park Mead old Infant school hall, (ie the currant venue), with its separate entrance which does not interfere with the main Primary School operations, continues to be most relevant and appropriate. It is in the most densely populated area of the ward region and is easily accessible to both those accessing the venue by car, those disabled and indeed those accessing the Polling Station on foot.

I believe that any change from Park Mead would be hugely disenfranchising to the voters in Cranleigh East 2 area.

Cllr Ken Reed (Cranleigh East)– 08/10/2003
I cannot think of any sensible alternative to Park Mead Primary School as a location for a polling station in Cranleigh East 2. Park Mead Primary School is located at the centre of population density for this district and is easily accessible for all abilities.

Resident in Farnham North West 2 - 20/10/2023
In response to your quinquennial review, letter dated 16th October 2023, I would confirm that I am quite content with the use of the Folly Hill Infant School (Academy) as the local polling station.

Resident in Farnham North West 2 - 24/10/2023
We have always had Hale School as our polling station because it has a large car park with easy access. Folly Hill school does not have a car park & cars would have to park pn local roads. It also has a steep hill up to the door of the school . Do not think it is suitable as a venue.

Resident in Farnham North West 2 - 25/10/2023

The proposed polling station [Folly Hill Infant Academy] is convenient for us in Parish Close although previously it has always been Hale School. I'm surprised it excludes houses in Shady Nook and the Blenheim/Chatsworth area since they are nearer FHIA than we are.

Resident in Farnham North West 2 - 27/10/2023

To whom it may concern. The Folly Hill site is totally inappropriate for me as a disabled person. Please think again

Resident in Farnham Moor Park 1 - 02/11/2023

My Polling Station location is too far away and requires transportation to get there. Somewhere much more local needs to be identified.

To vote in person, I would have to travel to the Army Reserve building in Guildford Road which by car (clogging up already congested roads) is almost 3 miles away. It is true that there is a very direct walking/cycling route of about 1½ miles but I don’t have a bike and at the age of 84, a three-mile round walking trip is something I would not relish. And good forbid if I forgot to bring ID with me!

A visit to a Polling Station is an experience that gives you a feeling of the population views with the number of people there which is lost with the need to switch to postal voting with the danger of forgetting to pop your selection into a post box.