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How to deal with your rubbish if you are self-isolating

Follow this guidance if you are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), or have been diagnosed with the virus.

Personal waste (such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths)

Please follow this process:

  1. put used tissues and wipes in a disposable rubbish bag and tie it securely
  2. double bag it - put your bags in another bag and tie it securely
  3. keep it separate from the rest of your rubbish in your own room
  4. keep it aside for at least 72 hours (3 days) before adding it to your external black bin.

Other waste

Please dispose of other rubbish as normal.

Clean regularly

Usual household cleaners are effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces. You should clean surfaces you touch regularly.

Further guidance on staying at home

For more information, read the government's stay at home guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.