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UK Parliamentary Elections

Results for the UK Parliamentary Election 2010 (South West Surrey)

Below are the South West Surrey Results for the UK Parliamentary Election, held on 6 May 2010.

2010 results
South West Surrey (1 vacancy)
Turnout: 74.9%
Electorate: 76,501
Allan, Cherry Theodora The Green Party 690

Hamilton, Helen Jane British National Party 644

Hunt, Jeremy The Conservative Party 33,605
Leighton, Luke Kenneth Casson The Pirate Party UK 94

Meekins, Roger UK Independence Party 1,486

Mollet, Richard James The Labour Party 3,419

Price, Arthur Independent

Simpson, Mike Liberal Democrats 17,287


2010 Turnout: 74.9% (57,357 ballots from 76,501 registered electors)

More information

See the complete set of the election results at www.bbc.co.uk/elections.

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