I have an emergency to report

Emergency repairs can be reported 24/7 on freephone 0330 119 3000.

Please do not report emergencies by email or online

How do I report a repair?

Find out how to report a repair, or take a look at the repairs responsibilities page to work out if it's our responsibility or yours.

Report a non-emergency repair online

Once you report a housing repair, we will contact you within two working days to arrange an appointment.

Why might I be recharged for a repair?

We will recharge you for repair work that we carry out due to damage or negligence.

For example, if you or someone you know:

  • breaks a window
  • gets locked out,

then you will need to pay for the full cost of the repair.

We will tell you if the repair will be recharged when you report it. We will invoice you for payment. You can make an arrangement to pay the invoice by instalments.

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