Lost dogs

If we find a stray dog unattended, without identification, we will take it to Treetop Kennels.

The dog's owner will need to pay to get the dog back. Charges increase daily to a maximum of seven days.

If the dog is not collected within seven days, Treetops will try to re-home it.

Report a lost dog

If you have lost your dog please report it to us, with a full description of the dog and the time and place it was lost.

Please call the Environmental Health customer support team on 01483 523393 during office hours (Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm) or 02392 242161 (at other times).

Opening hours for collecting a found dog

You can collect a found dog from Treetops Kennels:

  • Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm
  • Sundays - 10am - 2pm
  • Bank Holidays - closed

Other places to look for your lost dog

You may also like to contact:

  • Other kennels in the area, including boarding kennels.
  • Rehoming centres in your area, such as Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Blue Cross and National Animal Welfare Trust. You may also find that there are some small local sanctuaries. Look in your local phone directory under 'Animal Welfare' for contact details, or try your vet or library.
  • If your dog is a pedigree, try local breeders. Contact the Kennel Club - 0870 6066750 for details of your local breed rescue group.
  • Veterinary surgeries in your area. Sadly, your dog may have been involved in a traffic accident and been taken to the vet for treatment.

Public register of seized stray dogs

See the public register of seized stray dogs in Waverley. We record details of stray dogs we seize, including whether they are reunited with their owners or re-homed. We update the register on a monthly basis.

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