Published Wednesday, 4 October 2017

On 10 October Waverley’s Executive will consider applying to take part in Surrey wide pilot scheme for the Government’s proposed changed to how business rate income is used to fund local government nationally.

Ged Hall, Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Finance, said: “I am in full support of Waverley being part of the joint submission and taking part in the pilot scheme. If the bid is successful it will bring in significant additional income, which will be distributed across Surrey to support economic growth and strengthen financial resilience across the county.

“We have been working with Surrey County Council and the other 10 district and borough councils in Surrey to assess the potential of being part of the pilot. Although the pilot will only last one year it would benefit the whole county financially, and allow us to help shape the new scheme.

“If the Executive agree to endorse the bid we will be submitting it, with the other councils, by 27 October.”

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