Published Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Waverley’s Overview and Scrutiny Committees are inviting residents to suggest ideas and issues to review.

Over the coming months the council’s four overview and scrutiny committees will be considering a wide range of topics to help make Waverley a better place to live and work. They include reviewing the waste and recycling contract, assessing the levels of health inequalities in the borough and helping the council deliver a financially sound budget at a time of significant cuts to local government funding.

Meetings are open to the public and webcast and residents are being invited to get involved.

Councillor Williamson, Chair of the Scrutiny Coordinating Board said: “Overview and scrutiny is a vital part of local democracy and provides an opportunity for people to get involved in improving public services and policies. 

“It is important that the council hears about the matters that are important to our residents. We are inviting local people to help set the agenda for our scrutiny work. 

“Topics put forward should relate to the services delivered by Waverley Borough Council and/or matters which affect people living and working in the borough”. 

To find out more about meeting dates, the work of the committees, and how you can get involved in the scrutiny process go to or email, Scrutiny Policy Officer, Waverley Borough Council.


Notes to editors

·    The council has four committees – Value for Money and Customer Service, Community Wellbeing, Environment and Housing.

·    Work programmes run from June every year as part of a rolling programme.

·    All suggestions will need to meet the relevant criteria before consideration by a scrutiny committee.

·    All suggestions will be acknowledged, however we can not guarantee that all suggestions will be considered by a committee.

For further information contact:

Tel: 01483  523296

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