The Borough of Waverley has 43 designated Conservation Areas, listed below.  

View Conservation Areas on a map

Please either view the Waverley planning maps online (once  you are in the system, you can search by address and turn on the historic environment layer on the right hand side of the screen) or download a PDF found under each of the conservation area links below.

Conservation Areas in Waverley  

We are currently reviewing these conservation areas through Conservation Area Appraisals and aim to complete two appraisals per year, with the first five years focusing on the larger towns and villages in Waverley. Executive agreed a report on 1 November 2011  (at Appendix D) setting out the programme for undertaking the appraisals (and methodology for reaching this conclusion). 

More on conservation areas

Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. They are primarily designated by the Waverley Borough Council under the provisions of Sections 69 and 70 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

Greater control is exercised over development within conservation areas. Works to trees within conservation areas, for example, require notification to us six weeks in advance of being carried out. There are extra controls over the demolition of structures within conservation areas. Proposals for demolition may require planning permission on unlisted buildings in a conservation area.  Further information can be found on Historic England's conservation area webpages.

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