We provide professional pest control services for rats, mice, fleas, wasps, cluster flies and clothes moths. All treatments are carried out by qualified and experienced operatives.


A charge is made for visits/treatments.  Charges are valid from 1 April 2017 and include VAT.

The charges must be paid before work is started, payment can be taken at the time of booking the appointment. Operatives cannot carry cash so please have the exact payment ready if paying by cash when they call - thank you.

Wasps' nests

Rodents - rats, mice and squirrels

Insects - fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, moths, flies.



Wasps' nests

What Cost (£)
Wasps' nests (additional nests at same time, +50% charge for each) 60.00
Wasps - advice visit or callout charge for missed appointments 30.00

We do not offer services for bees.

Rodents - rats, mice and squirrels

Rodent treatments are for a single domestic property, including immediate gardens and grounds, occupied by one family.

What Cost (£)
Rats or mice treatment (normally up to 3 visits) 70.00
Rats or mice - advice visit or callout charge for missed appointments 35.00
Squirrels -(inside Premises only) 115.00

Additional charges may be made if:

  • the property is occupied by more than one family
  • further visits are required
  • there are pets or livestock in affected outbuildings, stables or land.

Insects - fleas, bedbugs, moths etc

Treatments below are for up to a standard 3-bedroomed house; additional rooms are charged at £17.50.

What Cost (£)
Fleas 75.00
Bed bugs 75.00
Cockroaches 75.00
Cluster flies 104.00
Clothes moths 104.00
Pharoah ants - subject to survey -
Advice visits for insects or callout charge for missed appointments 35.00


You may be entitled to a discount 

If you receive any of the following income related benefits, you are entitled to a discount on charges:

  • Council Tax Support
  • Universal Credit
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit

Request pest control service

Please note charges are subject to change according to charges set by our contractor.

Complete an online Pest Control Form to notify us about a pest problem.

Alternatively, please contact the Environmental Health customer support team on 01483 523393 or by email environmentalhealth@waverley.gov.uk  for further information and to book a treatment.

Services we do not offer

We do not currently provide pest control services for problems caused by:

  • bees
  • birds (including pigeons and gulls)
  • foxes  
  • moles

The council cannot recommend any particular contractor, but you should satisfy yourself that any pest control operations you use are reputable.  Some websites also have useful pest identification and advice facilities. 

Do you have a swarm of bees? 

If you have a swarm of bees sometimes a local bee keepers will collect them you can find more information on bee's on the British Bee keeper Associations website there is also a search tool to locate a local Bee Keeper by postcode.  http://www.bbka.org.uk

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