Waverley Borough Council is made up of 57 councillors.  Go to our Councillors section to find your local councillors.

Visit the Councillors and meetings section for more information about council meetings, committees, and how you can influence decisions at Waverley.


The Borough Mayor is elected annually and carries out many civic duties, such as the volunteers garden party, civic service and much more.

Management Board

The day-to-day running of the Council's business is the responsibility of Waverley's Directors.  The team work closely together and with Waverley's councillors to create and develop the overall 'vision' for the organisation.

The vision is supported by a set of aims and objectives for the Council, which will provide a focus for forward planning and corporate direction.  See our Corporate Plan for more information.  

The role of the Directors also involves identifying service-level business plans and establishing priorities across the Council's many areas of work.

Heads of Service

The role of the Heads of Service is to combine a creative and strategic approach to achieve the highest possible standards of performance in their area of work. Their focus is on linking corporate objectives, professional.

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