Management Team

The day-to-day running of the council's business is the responsibility of Waverley's Directors.

The team work closely together and with Waverley's members to create and develop the overall 'vision' for the organisation.

The vision is supported by a set of aims and objectives for the council, which will provide a focus for forward planning and corporate direction.  See our Corporate Plan for more information. 

The Directors head up Waverley's service areas and are supported by a number of Heads of Service.

Management Board

Interim Managing Director and Head of Paid Service Tom Horwood



Tom Horwood, Interim Managing Director and Head of Paid Service
Tel:01483 523238 

As the Interim Managing Director, Tom leads the Management Board and is responsible for ensuring that, as a public authority, Waverley acts properly, ensuring equitable, high quality services are delivered to all customers within a tight financial framework. The Head of Paid Service is a legally defined role, Tom is responsible for advising councillors on how the organisation should be staffed to achieve its aims and ensuring those staffing arrangements are delivered.

Damian Roberts, Strategic Directore

Damian Roberts, Strategic Director - Front Line Services
Tel: 01483 523398

Damian is the Strategic Director responsible for leading Waverley's environment, housing, leisure and community Services including the council’s house building programme, economic development, family support service, and employment skills training service.   Damian's role is critical in shaping front line services to better meet the needs of Waverley residents and businesses and in building collaborative partnerships to help deliver better outcomes for local people.  He also heads up Waverley's service improvement and transformation programme and is responsible for the elections team.  


Graeme Clark, Head of Finance

Graeme Clark, Strategic Director - Finance and Resources
Tel: 01483 523099

Graeme is the chief financial officer and the statutory officer appointed by council under Section 151 of the local Government Act 1972.  Graeme leads on financial management and ensure that the council provides value for money. As well as looking after the council's strategic finances and safeguarding the council's assets and resources, Graeme is responsible for corporate and customer services, finance, revenues and benefits and planning.


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