Carbon Management Programme

The aim is to reduce emissions and greenhouse gas emissions under direct control of councils, whether caused by energy use in buildings, street lighting, landfill waste or vehicle fleets.

Plan objectives

As a result of the programme the council has produced a Carbon Management Plan (CMP), which was adopted in 2010. The plan commits us to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2015, from 2008 levels through: 

  • Effectively monitoring energy and fuel consumption

  • Embedding carbon management into our corporate priorities

  • Consider the carbon impact of our corporate plan, future decisions, targets and procurement

  • Increase energy efficiency across our building stock

  • Encourage sustainable transport options

  • Communicate our energy saving activities and experience

Our achievements to date

In the last three years Waverley has reduced its consumption of electricity and gas across its operations.  At the main council offices reductions of 17% from 2008/09 levels have been achieved. 

Reductions across our operations have been achieved through a number of projects such as:

  • Installation of LED efficient lighting in corridors, staircases and reception area

  • Replacement of computer servers and desktop PC's with new energy efficient models

  • Installation of timers to all our photocopiers and vending machines

  • Installed a voltage optimisation system that reduces electricity consumption

  • Conducting a Biodiesel trial in partnership with Veolia

  • Developed the new energy efficient Godalming Leisure centre




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