If you think you might become homeless we will help try to prevent this. We can provide you with advice as follows:

  • your rights if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness,
  • preventing homelessness,
  • securing accommodation when homeless
  • the help that is available to you from Waverley Borough Council and other organisatons in the borough
  • how to access that help.

By working together with you, we may be able to help you remain in your home or to find another one. If possible, before coming into the council offices, please complete the Housing Options wizard

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness we will provide you with a personal housing plan. You will be expected to engage with us and we will both be able to update the actions as each one is completed until, together, we have resolved your situation.

From 3 April 2018, we will be legally required to work with you for 56 days to either try to prevent you from becoming homeless, or to help you find a home if you don't have one. We will assess your circumstances and take reasonable steps to help you have somewhere to live. You will also be required to take steps to resolve your situation, but don't worry, as you will have a written plan to follow which we will give you.

Hostels and night shelters if you are homeless now

Find out about hostels and nightshelters in the area.

Homelessness applications

Currently, if you are homelessness and have considered other options, you can make a homeless application to any local authority.

From 3 April 2018, we will deem you to have made a homelessness application from the day you approach us and we are satisfied that your homelessness, or the threat of it, is genuine.

Arrange an interview with us

If you apply to Waverley, we will arrange an interview which can take up to three hours. You will need to bring key documents about your last settled accommodation and other circumstances. These may include:

  • proof of ID
  • bank statements and pay slips
  • proof of benefits
  • proof of pregnancy
  • tenancy agreement
  • court papers

From 3 April 2018, we will assess whether you are:

  • eligible for assistance
  • homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days

If we are satisfied that you are eligible for assistance, and homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days, we will accept a prevention or relief duty to you, depending on whether you have anywhere to live. You could approach any Local Authority for help, but please remember that if we accept a relief duty to you (ie. you are homeless), and you do not have a local connection, we will usually refer you to another safe area where you have a local connection.

We will only consider whether you are in priority need, or are intentionally homeless, after the 56-day relief duty to you has ended.

Find out more

Please call the housing options team on 01483 523188, Monday - Thursday 8.45am - 5.15pm, Friday 8.45am - 4.45pm. For out of hours emergencies call 01483 523200.

Know someone sleeping rough?

If you know someone who is sleeping rough, please call the housing options team on 01483 523188 for details of the help available.

More information

Homeless link - external website

Read our Homelessness Strategy.

Find out more about other housing options.  

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