Waverley tenants have the right to exchange their home with other tenants.

Guidance on swapping your home

The following offers some guidance on swapping your home with another tenant.

If you want to do a swap you have to:

  • Be a secure tenant (if you are currently housed by the Council) or an Assured tenant (if you are housed by a Housing Association)
  • Find another tenant to swap with. Apply online at http://www.homeswapper.co.uk/
  • Have an up to date rent account at the time of the move
  • Await permission before moving
  • If approved, tell us an approximate timescale you have for moving. Waverley Borough Council has to carry out gas & electricity testing
  • Accept your new home as seen
  • Inform Housing Benefit and the Department for Work & Pensions (if applicable) of your change of address
  • Accept responsibility for all costs associated with the move
  • Ensure that anything which belongs to Waverley Borough Council, i.e. kitchen units, internal doors etc are left in the property and in good working order
  • Leave the wheelie bin. It belongs to the Council!

Quick Tips

Before you agree to exchange, you should:

  • Ensure you view the property in the daylight so you can inspect the whole house and garden area
  • Agree with the new tenant any contents that may be left in the property including carpets, garden shed, shelves, light bulbs and light shades
  • Arrange to have all rubbish removed from the house and garden prior to moving. Be especially careful to check the loft
  • We are only responsible for normal repairs such as gas safety and electrical faults. Any other items are your responsibility
  • All decoration is your responsibility
  • The Housing Management Officer and Maintenance Officer will attend your home to check the property

If you are considering completing an exchange with someone from a Housing Association you need to be aware you will become an Assured tenant. For further information contact your housing provider.

What we do to help you

We will:

  • Visit you and talk in more detail about the proposed exchange
  • By law we must give you a decision on the exchange within 42 days
  • Agree with you a date for the exchange to take place if permission has been granted and confirm in writing the date you will officially take on the tenancy

We are keen to promote mutual exchange but there may be times we have to say no. There will be certain circumstances where permission will not be granted, such as:

  • The home you want to move to would make either property overcrowded or under occupied
  • Your landlord is currently taking legal action against you because you are behind with your rent. If you have broken other conditions of your tenancy such as anti social behaviour or criminal activity

If you would like to request a form, please call 0330 119 3000 or email housingcustomerservices@waverley.gov.uk

Request a form

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