To apply for council, social or sheltered housing you need to be on the Housing Register.

Once you are on the Housing Register you can search for homes on Waverley Homechoice.

Please note there are around 1,700 applicants on the Housing Register but only around 300 council homes become available each year. This means that you could face a very long wait before being successful in receiving an offer of accommodation, and unfortunately some people may never receive an offer.

Joining the Housing Register

To join the Housing Register you will need to complete a pre-registration form. If you meet the pre-registration criteria you will be asked to complete the more detailed application form that will be sent to you.

If you are already a council or Housing Association tenant in Waverley and want to move to another property, you also need to join the Housing Register.

You can download and print the pre-registration form.

If you already live in one of Waverley's rural villages, you may be eligible for affordable housing on a rural exception scheme. If you think this may apply to you, please complete a Local Connection form.

For further details please visit the Waverley Homechoice website.

Find out about your housing options

If your housing need is more urgent, you can use the Housing Options Wizard to get practical advice about your housing options. 


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