Launched on 1 February 2012, SurreySave Credit Union is a financial co-operative that offers a safe and easy way to save and apply for loans at fair rates of interest.   

It aims to be the first choice for low cost, high quality ethical financial services serving all who live or work in Surrey.

Benefits of credit unions  

Credit unions are owned and controlled by their members. Profits are used to grow the business, or passed back to members as interest or dividends. They exist to help members help themselves, encouraging them to develop prudent financial habits and understand the true cost of credit. Whenever possible, they assist those who struggle to make ends meet, helping them up the ladder to financial health.

Joining SurreySave

As a credit union, SurreySave is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and all deposits are covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme. For a £3 annual membership fee SurreySave offers:

  • online applications so there's no need to travel to the branch.  Visit the Join us page on SurreySave.    
  • a friendly service with quick decisions
  • no hidden charges
  • no early repayment penalties
  • free loan protection and life savings protection
  • cheaper loan rates than traditional high-cost lenders

To find out more email: or telephone 01932 339290 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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