Housing Strategy 2018-2023

We have developed a new Housing Strategy for Waverley, setting out our goals for the next five years.  Through the strategy action plan we will address the key housing issues facing those living in Waverley.

The Affordability Appendix provides the local context and statistical data supporting the strategy.

Rural Affordable Housing Update (2017)

The Progress Report on Rural Affordable Housing provides a summary of the current position in terms of housing needs evidence and progress towards meeting local housing need for each of the rural parishes in Waverley.

Profile of Help To Buy applicants in Waverley (2016)

Help To Buy is a government initiative that helps individuals and families find homes that meet their current needs through low cost home ownership schemes. The main types of schemes are shared ownership (often referred to as part-rent, part-buy) and shared equity (or equity loan) schemes. There are currently over 400 households waiting for Help To Buy opportunities in Waverley.

Find out more about the Profile of Help To Buy applicants in Waverley.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply for Help To Buy, go to the shared ownership page or visit the Help To Buy website (hosted by the Help To Buy Agent, BPHA).

Analysis of Housing Register (2016)

In 2013, the council introduced a revised allocation scheme which means that those applying to join Waverley's Housing Register must have a housing need and a local connection. The number of applicants on the Housing Register has consequently reduced.

View the Analysis of the Housing Register as at April 2016.

Waverley Shared Ownership Practice Note (2015)

The Waverley Shared Ownership Practice Note provides guidance to developers and registered providers about the council's requirements for shared ownership on new schemes in the borough.

Survey of local employers (2014)

The report on the Impact of housing costs and affordability on local businesses discusses factors which have an impact on recruitment and retention of staff, as reported by employers in the local area.

Directory of Supported Housing Providers (2014)

The Directory of Supported Housing Providers contains details of the organisations providing supported and specialist accommodation in Waverley and the client groups they support.

Need and supply of supported and specialist housing in Waverley (2013)

The Report on need and supply of supported and specialist housing in Waverley contains evidence of the need for new supported and specialist housing to meet differing needs across Waverley.

The Action plan update at the end of year 1 (April 2014) provides an update on the action we have taken since carrying out the specialist needs mapping exercise.

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