How to claim Council Tax Support

New claims for Council Tax Support

'On the spot' processing of applications

If you want to apply for Council Tax Support (and / or Housing Benefit), please call us on 01483 523596 to make an appointment.

If you make an appointment to make a claim at one of our offices, and provide all the required supporting documents we will process your claim on the spot.

If we need more information we will tell you and make another appointment for you to bring this in. 

Supporting documents you will need to apply for benefits

  • National Insurance numbers for you (and your partner, if relevant)
  • Proof of identity (two documents per person)
  • capital, savings and investments
  • earnings
  • other income
  • benefits, allowances or pensions
  • private rent and tenancy

Please note that you must provide original documents, not copies. Please note that we cannot pay your benefit until we have seen all the proof we have asked for.

Download a Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claim form

You can also download and fill in a Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support claim form.

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