Council Tax support helps people on a low income pay council tax for the home they live in. 

The amount of council tax support due to you is worked out by looking at:

  • your income
  • your savings or capital (more than £16,000 will normally disqualify you)
  • how much council tax you have to pay
  • other people living with you
  • whether you are a pensioner or of working age.

Benefits Calculator

Use the Benefits Calculator to see what help you can get.


If you are a pensioner and need help to pay your council tax, you can apply for Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate if there are other people living in your home who are on a low income.

Working age claimants

  • You will only be eligible for support up to the council tax for a Band D property.  If your council tax is in bands E-G, your Council Tax Support will be based on a Band D property for your area. Check your council tax band on directgov or your council tax bill.
  • If your entitlement works out to be less than £5 per week, you will not qualify for Council Tax Support.
  • If you have children, we will also take into account any maintenance you receive for your children when assessing your claim.
  • You cannot apply for Second Adult Rebate.
  • Full time work is classed as 24 hours per week.
  • Different non-dependant deductions apply.  

How to apply for council tax support

How to claim for council tax support

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