2011 Census Information

A census is a survey of all people and households in the country. Census take place every ten years and the last one took place on 27 March 2011.

2011 Census data: Type of data available

  • Usual resident population
  • Marital and civil partnership status
  • Living arrangements
  • Household composition
  • Adults not in employment, dependent children, long term health problem or disability
  • Lone parent households with dependent children
  • Ethnic groups
  • National identity
  • Country of birth (quick statistics and detailed)
  • Passports held
  • Household language
  • Religion (quick statistics and detailed)
  • Health and provision of unpaid care
  • Dwellings and household spaces, accommodation type
  • Tenure
  • Rooms, bedrooms and central heating
  • Car and van availability
  • Communal establishments
  • Qualifications and students
  • Economic activity, all, males and females, hours worked, industry, occupation
  • Social economic groups
  • Multiple ethnic groups
  • Arrival in the UK and age of arrival
  • Length of residence in the UK

Find 2011 Census data for the whole of Waverley borough, wards and parishes

2001 Census data can also be found on the ONS Neighbourhood Statistics website.

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