Garden waste service FAQs

Why is there a charge for this service?
The service is paid for by everyone who subscribes. This is fairer for other residents who do not have a garden, who choose to compost at home, or who do not want to use the service. This means they will not pay for the service through their Council Tax.

Does my garden waste need to be in sacks inside the bin?
No, it must be loose.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?
You can add:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings
  • weeds
  • small branches
  • leaves
  • prunings
  • fallen fruit (please don't make the bin too heavy)

Please don't add: 

  • soil
  • turf
  • concrete
  • rubble
  • vegetable peelings
  • kitchen waste
  • animal waste
  • general household waste
  • coal and wood ash.

How much does it cost?
£55.00 per year, with an additional one off fee of £20.00 to purchase the bin.

Are there subsidies for those on benefits?

How large are the bins?
240 litres capacity (same size as the blue recycling bins).

Where does the garden waste go for recycling?
To Countryside Composting to be made into compost for agricultural use.

Who will clean my wheeled bin if it gets dirty?
As with your other bins, it is your responsibility to maintain them.

If I would like to buy more than one bin, how much is each subsequent bin?
Each bin is the cost of a new subscription.

If my bin gets damaged, will I have to pay for a new one?
Yes, there will be a charge, unless it is reported by the collectors that they have damaged it. If this is the case the contractor will be expected to deliver a replacement. If not, the charge is £20.

How often are bins collected?
Fortnightly, although there are no collections over the Christmas and New Year period.

Can I line my garden waste bin?
No. The bin is mechanically lifted and emptied in to the collection vehicle, so it would not be possible to remove the liner from the contents.

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