We collect mixed recyclable items from your blue recycling bin every two weeks.  

We collect food waste from your green caddy once a week. 

Your recycling wheelie bin

What can you put in your recycling bin?

  • cardboard
  • paper (white and coloured)
  • shredded paper (inside a box or envelope) 
  • glass bottles and jars  
  • plastic food trays (with plastic film cover removed)
  • plastic bottles
  • margarine tubs and yoghurt pots (you do not need to check for symbols or numbers on these)  
  • metal jar lids
  • cans and tins
  • aerosols
  • food and drink cartons
  • foil

Please rinse out containers so they are clean before putting them in the blue bin.

What can't you put in your recycling bin?

  • green waste - you could compost or sign up to the Garden waste collection service
  • food waste - put this in your food waste caddy, which is collected weekly
  • textiles - take them to a recycling bank or donate them to a charity shop
  • nappies - put them in your rubbish bin.  Consider using re-usable nappies.
  • plastic bags (most supermarkets are able to collect these now)
  • electrical items
  • plant pots
  • polystyrene
  • cling film and other plastic film
  • light bulbs
  • pyrex
  • corks

Guide to recycling in Waverley (PDF)

Find out where to recycle other items in our recycling A-Z.

Bin hangers

From 19 October 2015, if you add the wrong items to your recycling bin, the collection crew will leave a bin hanger on there, showing the items that can't be recycled.  Find out more about Bin hangers.

Your green food waste caddy

We collect food waste from the green caddy once a week. Check your bin collection day online.

What can you put in your food waste caddy?

  • raw and cooked meat and fish
  • raw and cooked fruit and vegetables
  • dairy products
  • bread, rice, noodles and pasta
  • tea bags and coffee grounds  
  • pet food.

What can't you put in your food waste caddy?

  • drinks such as tea and juice
  • oil or liquid fat
  • food packaging
  • plastic bags
  • coffee filter paper.

For more information please see our food waste collections page.

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