The local authority has to check the quality of all private water supplies in their area.

The Environmental Health team is aware of approximately 30 private water supplies within the Waverley Borough Council area. These range from supplies serving a single dwelling to those serving a number of properties.

How to register

All private water supplies need to be registered with Waverley Borough Council. To register a supply please contact Environmental Health customer support team.

Testing samples of private water supply

The quality of all Small, large and other private water supplies must be checked. 

Large supply:

  • serves 50 or more people, or
  • produces more than 10m³ per day of water, and/or
  • is used for commercial purposes or is a public premise

Small supply:

  • serves two or more properties
  • produces less than 10m³ of water, and
  • is not used commercially or for public premises.

Other private water supplies: 

Private water supplies that provide less than 10m³ per day (or supplies less than 50 persons) where the supply is only used for domestic purposes to a single property and there is no commercial or public activity.

Relevant person

The person or company, who own or is responsible for maintaining the supply is now known as the Relevant Person.

The meaning of the Relevant Person is:

  • The owner or occupier of the premises supplied.
  • The owner or occupier of the premises where the source of the supply is situated even if the source lies. outside the local authority's area.
  • Any other person who exercises powers of management or control in relation to that source.

Risk Assessments

Each Private Water Supply (PWS) requires a Risk Assessment.

We will need to meet with you or a representative of the private water supply to review the supply area on paper and on foot, looking at the source, where it comes from, how it arrives at the destination and any possible forms of contamination. This is expected to take approximately 2 hours on site.

Testing of the Water

There are now two types of testing programmes:

Provides information on organoleptic (taste, odour and appearance) and microbiological quality of the water, plus a few other basic parameters.

  • Check Monitoring

  • Audit Monitoring 
    To determine whether or not the water complies with the concentrations or values in the Regulations.

Go to the Private Water Supplies Regulations website for detailed information:


When the Risk Assessment and sampling is complete, you will be advised of any hazards identified with advice on any action required on your part to bring the Private Water Supply up to standard if it is not already.

An Improvement Notice or a Notice prohibiting use of the supply may be served on the Relevant Person in certain cases of failures.  It depends on the severity of the failure and if the water may endanger human health.


The fees are listed in the Private Water Supplies Regulations website. The list is the maximum that will be charged.

Below are the current charges for Waverley Borough Council officers to carry out private water supply services. These charges are reviewed annually but we are happy to provide an estimate of charges at the time of our visit.

Risk Assessments

£165 plus £56.70 per hour

Subject to a statutory maximum of £500 per risk assessment


£60 plus £51.70 per hour

Subject to a statutory maximum of £100 per visit


£60 per hour

Subject to a statutory maximum of £100 per investigation


£100 plus £51.70 per hour

Subject to a statutory maximum of £100 per authorisation granted


£21 plus laboratory fees

Subject to statutory maxima of:

£25 for Regulation 10 analyses,

£100 for check monitoring analyses, and

£500 for audit monitoring analyses

More information

More information can be found on the Drinking Water Inspectorate website and the Private Water Supplies Regulations website.

Please look at the information on these websites before organising any risk assessment or a sampling visit so you are aware of what is required under the regulations.



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