Countryside volunteering locations and task dates 2017-18

Last year you gave us an incredible 2738 days of your time; a remarkable achievement which is greatly appreciated by our rangers.  Your work has help make major improvements to our sites for the benefit of wildlife and improve public access. Well done and thank you.

Below you can find a list of upcoming opportunities that you can get involved with. Please note all postcodes are the nearest to the site.

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Frensham Common

Volunteer sessions usually take place every Wednesday from 10:00 – 15:30, apart from the second Wednesday of the month where the session will instead be at Mare Hill Common (see below). Meet at either 9:45 or 10:00 (see listing) at the Frensham Pond visitor centre, Bacon Lane, Churt, GU10 2QB. Sessions led by Darren.

Wednesday 20 December

Cut your own Christmas tree: Come and help clear the heathland of invasive pine scrub. Tea and coffee will be provided and you will be free to choose a native Scots pine Christmas tree for your efforts! Limited spaces; booking required via (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 3 January

Scrub clearance: In the first volunteer task of 2018, we will be clearing areas of heathland of invasive silver birch and pine scrub. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 17 January

Scrub clearance: Continuing with clearing birch and pine scrub from the heathland. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 24 January

Scrub clearance: Another day of clearing invasive birch and pine scrub from the heathland to preserve its open character. Meet at 10:00

Wednesday 31 January  

Scrub clearance: Our final session of clearing invasive birch and pine scrub from the heathland. Our efforts during this month will make this area more suitable for rare ground nesting birds and other specialised heathland wildlife. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 7 February

Pine pulling: One of the big enemies of heathland management, pine saplings have spread across several areas of the Common. We will manually remove these saplings to help halt their colonisation. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 21 February

Pine pulling: A second session of removing invasive pine saplings from the heathland. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 28 February

Gorse management: Gorse is an essential part of the heathland landscape, but without management can become too large and leggy, thus reducing its value for wildlife and presenting a potential fire risk. We will be coppicing areas of gorse to promote a more compact and valuable growth form. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 7 March

Gorse management: A second session of coppicing gorse to promote the more compact bushy growth which is of greatest benefit to heathland wildlife. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 21 March

Preparing  a tern raft: Frensham Pond Sailing Club has generously donated a floating jetty to re-purpose as a new and improved raft for nesting terns. We will be fitting baffles to the sides, spreading gravel on the deck and providing shelter for future chicks before the finished raft is put into location ready for the breeding season. (Meet at 10:00)

Wednesday 28 March          

Preparing a tern raft - we will continue with making a floating jetty generously donated by the Frensham Pond Sailing Club into a raft for nesting terns. (Meet at 10:00)

Mare Hill Common, Witley

Volunteer sessions from 10:00 - 15:30 usually take place on the second Wednesday of the month, though there are occasional sessions on other Wednesdays. Meet 10:00 at the small car park off Roke Lane, Witley, GU8 5NZ (SU 936 399). Sessions led by Vicky.

Wednesday 13 December

Scrub clearance: We will be clearing more scrub and small trees from the heathland to preserve its open character.

A Christmas lunch of jacket potatoes cooked on the bonfire will be provided. Please let Vicky know if you are planning to attend by Mon 4 December to guarantee your potato on 01252 792416 or

Wednesday 10 January

Pine pulling: We will be pulling out and cutting small pines to prevent them shading out establishing heathland vegetation.

Wednesday 14 February

Scrub clearance: Our final session this winter of clearing scrub from the heathland, ensuring that this rare habitat is in top condition for the specialist bird species to start nesting next month.

Wednesday 14 March

Glade clearance: Opening up a sunny woodland glade through clearing encroaching young trees and scrub.

Farnham Park

Volunteer sessions take place every Wednesday morning from 9:30 – 12:30 to assist in the management of this historic deer park. Meet at 9.30am at the Farnham Park ranger’s office in the main car park on Folly Hill (GU9 0AU) or check site noticeboards and meet at the work location at 10am.

Dates and tasks are subject to change – please check with site noticeboards or the ranger beforehand by calling 01252 717047.

Sessions led by Robin.

Wednesday 13 & 20 December

Hazel coppicing: Coppicing hazel stakes and binders to use for our hedge laying in the New Year.

Wednesday 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 January

Hedge-laying: Continuing our traditional hedge laying along the Queen Mother’s Hedge

Wednesday 7, 21 & 28 February

Scrub clearance: Clearing scrub to link glades and promote open-grown oak trees

Wednesday 7, 14, 21, & 28 March

Scrub clearing and maintaining paths and gates

Phillips Memorial Park, Godalming

Help restore the much-loved Phillips Memorial Park in Godalming by joining in with other volunteers on the second Wednesday of the month from 10:00 – 13:00. Meet at the volunteer shed on The Burys next to the play area, GU7 1EE.

Sessions run by Jake.

Wednesday 13 December

Tree planting

Wednesday 10 January

Rose removal: We will remove roses from the bed along the boundary with St Peter & St Paul.

Wednesday 14 February

Pruning: We will be pruning wisteria on the Cloister.

Wednesday 14 March

Rose planting: We will be planting roses along boundary with St Peter & St Paul

Broadwater Park, Godalming

Volunteer sessions are run on the third Wednesday of the month, from 10:00 - 13:00. Meet at the Old Stable Block, next to the community centre off Summers road, GU7 3BH. Sessions led by Jake.

Wednesday 20 December

Scrub cutting back: We will be cutting back scrub near the Fisherman’s car park (entrance from A3100).

Wednesday 17 January

Tree planting: We will be planting trees near the boundary of the golf course to replace those that have died and fill in gaps.

Wednesday 21 February

Path clearance: We will be cutting back overhanging vegetation from the path around the pond, particularly focusing on the stretch near the former boardwalk.

Wednesday 21 March

Shrub coppicing: We will coppicing Dogwoods (Cornus) near the lake.

Blackheath Common, near Wonersh 

Volunteer sessions usually take place on the fourth Thursday of every month, from 10:00 – 13:00. Sessions led by James.

Thursday 28 December

No session – enjoy the festive break!

Thursday 25 January

Scrub clearance: We will be clearing scrub from around the War Memorial. Meet at the war memorial – nearest post code GU4 8RD. The nearest parking is Blackheath Lane car park (GU4 8RB) then on foot return to the road, head north, then after 160 metres take to the path to the left through a woodland clearing. The war memorial is visible from the footpath in the clearing.

Thursday 22 February

Pine pulling and scrub clearance: We will be removing young trees to preserve the open character of the heathland. Meet at the Littleford Lane car park, GU4 8QZ

Thursday 22 March

Pine pulling: We will be removing sapling pines top maintain the open heathland. Meet at Blackheath Lane car park, GU4 8RB

Lammas Lands, Godalming

Volunteer sessions on these floodplain meadows usually take place on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 10:00 – 13:00.

Sessions led by James.

Wednesday 27 December

No session on this date – enjoy the festive break!

Wednesday 24 January

Log pile creation: These piles will provide shelter, refuges, and food for a range of wildlife.

Meet at the entrance to Almshouse meadow, on the east side of Catteshall Road, GU7 3DJ.

Wednesday 28 February

Scrub planting: Planting small trees and bushes to create patches of scrub to provide food and refuge for a range of wildlife.

Meet at western end of Hell Ditch Meadow by the railway bridge on Chalk Road, GU7 3AP.

Wednesday 28 March

Kissing gate improvements

Meet at Catteshall meadow by Bridge Road entrance. Meet next to the river behind the Godalming United Church GU7 3DU.

Cranleigh Common

These volunteer sessions will take place from 10:00 – 15:00 to carry out vegetation management around the ponds on Cranleigh Common, focusing on coppicing the willow from around the banks to reduce the shading of the water.

Thursday 11 January - meet at the Eastern pond adjacent to Cranleigh Cricket Club pavilion on the corner of the junction between Guildford Road and Horseshoe Lane, GU6 8RT.

Thursday 18 January - meet at Cricket club pond on the junction between Horseshoe Lane and the one way road off the Guildford Road, GU6 8QA

Tuesday 23 January - meet at Western pond on the residential side of the Guildford road between Notcutts Nursery and the roundabout between the Guildford road and the B2130, GU6 8NS

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