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Under 8s and over 80s can swim for free at any of our leisure centres. The scheme has been extended and, in partnership with Places for People Leisure, we will continue to offer free swimming.

How do I register for free swimming?

If you are under 8 or over 80 you are eligible. You (or your guardian) need to complete an application form and pay a £2 administration fee at the leisure centre to register. 

If you're over 80, please bring suitable ID to prove your age.  This could be your driving licence, pension book, birth certificate or passport.

For those eight and under, the Parent/Guardian will need to complete the application form and accompany their children.

Once you have registered, you will receive a membership card, which you need to show each time you come to swim.

When is free swimming available?

Free sessions include:

  • All public/general swimming sessions
  • Lane swimming sessions (may be subject to age restrictions ie Adult only)
  • Family and Fun sessions - Note: some sessions may remain as a paying session if equipment is used eg an inflatable
  • Ladies only sessions (may be subject to age restrictions)

You will need to pay for:

  • Aqua Classes
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Swimming Club Sessions

Please note - Under 8s must swim with an adult

  • Children under eight years old MUST be supervised by a parent or adult (18 years or over) throughout their use of the pool facilities.
  • Maximum ratio of two children to one adult. Those supervising must accompany the children in the water.

FAQs for existing leisure centre members

I swim already as part of my Swimming Membership, but I qualify for free swimming - what do I do now?

If you qualify for free swimming and pay in advance for your membership you will receive a refund for the period remaining on your membership. If you pay monthly by Direct Debit you will need to stop this payment - please refer to your membership terms and conditions.

I swim as part of my All-Inclusive Health and Fitness membership but I qualify for free swimming - what do I do now?

The payment for the All-Inclusive Health and Fitness Membership is primarily for the use of the Gym with the added benefit of free swimming. This will continue unchanged and you will still be able to swim for free as part of your membership benefits.

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