Threats to businesses include fire, theft, fraud, vandalism, storms, floods or water escape from other sources. Some businesses are at risk from terrorists or pressure/action groups. All premises and employees are at risk from falling aircraft, chemical or nuclear pollution, disease or personal attack.

These events can be managed through a process called Business Continuity Management (BCM). Without this process your business has a greater chance of being one of the 80% of organisations that are forced to close within 18 months of a major incident that affects them.

BCM helps to manage the risks to the smooth running of an organisation or delivery of a service, ensuring that the business can continue in the event of a disruption. Its purpose being to facilitate the recovery of key, critical business systems and processes within defined time frames, whilst maintaining provision of business critical functions and vital services.

Useful links

HM Government provide an online Business Continuity Management Toolkit.

The Business Continuity Institute - Through its certification scheme, the Institute provides internationally recognised status to its members as professional membership of the BCI demonstrates the members competence to carry out business continuity management to high standards.

Flood prevention advice from the Environment Agency for businesses

By preparing in advance for flooding, most businesses can save on the cost of lost stock and moveable equipment, as well as a lot of effort and stress. Prepare your property for flooding.

Surrey County Council Business Continuity Management pages help you to plan to keep your business going.

Continuity Forum - the leading resource for Business Continuity Management professionals. Continuity Forum is committed to building the levels of Business Continuity Planning and Resilience of organisations internationally, regardless of size or sector, through education and the promotion of best practice Business Continuity Management and its related disciplines.

Security advice from Surrey Police

Building a secure business is not just about supply and demand. It is about the protection and prevention measures that companies can put in place against crime, the consequences of a natural disaster, electronic attack, acts of terrorism and other events that would have an impact on the business. See the Surrey Police website for more information.

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