Community resilience is about communities and individuals harnessing resources and expertise to help themselves:

  • prepare for
  • respond to, and
  • recover from emergencies

in a way that complements the work of the emergency responders.

It comprises:

  1. Awareness by individuals of the risks which may affect them or their community and what they can do to prepare for, respond to and recover from them if they happen.
  2. Assets (including resources, skills and networks) which exist at individual, community and intra-community levels.
  3. Propensity to Act - a motivation and confidence that translates awareness and assets into action to help build resilience.

Surrey prepared

Whether it is an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease, fuel shortages, a large fire, a power cut, extreme weather or any other kind of incident, communities that come together are better off. That's why we're helping people build strong communities by making them as prepared and resilient as possible.

Find out how we're doing this in Surrey.

Surrey Prepared

New guidance for practitioners on community resilience in UK

Community Resilience Framework for Practitioners





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