Waverley Borough Council will be taking part in the government's Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme.  

Why is Waverley taking part in the resettlement scheme?

The Government introduced the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme in response to the continued conflict in Syria.  The Government has pledged to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years from refugee camps bordering Syria and has invited all Councils to participate.   We and the majority of boroughs and districts in Surrey have offered to play our part in protecting and assisting these vulnerable people.

Who will get help?

We have offered to assist five households over five years.

The Home Office (via the United Nations High Commission for Refugees or UNHCR) will identify vulnerable households in the camps, handle their refugee applications and carry out the essential screening/vetting checks prior to them travelling to the UK.

What help will they receive?

Families are given refugee status for five years and therefore are eligible to work and claim welfare benefits including Housing Benefit where necessary.

 Families will receive advice, help and support from the Waverley’s highly regarded Family Support Team who have lots of experience of supporting vulnerable families with complex needs.  They will help these families to adapt to a new country and settle in our community.  Including assistance to develop language skills, seek employment and register with other relevant service providers.

Where will they live?

We will seek affordable homes in the private rented sector within a community with shops, services and facilities.

Does Waverley have the infrastructure to assist?

Waverley, as one of the most rural boroughs in the county, is lacking some of the infrastructure that could make it more difficult for refugee families to access essential services.  This is where the council, our partners across the county and local community organisations will need to come together to coordinate the support that these families need.

Who pays for the scheme?

The Home Office will fully fund the scheme including a contribution to the Council of approximately £8,600 per family member. 

How can local people help?

You can make a donation to Charites that help refugees in the UK and abroad:

Volunteer to help refugees

Several charities and organisations are working with refugees across the UK. To find out more about volunteering opportunities in your area visit:

You could also contact the Refugee Council, the British Red Cross or Refugee Action to find out more about volunteering to support asylum seekers and refugees already in the UK.

Donate clothes, books, toys etc

You can donate items to British Red Cross charity shops. Money raised from goods donated to the Europe Refugee Crisis will go towards the British Red Cross Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal.

You can also donate items to Save the Children and Oxfam charity shops.

The items won’t go directly to child refugees but the money raised helps charities to support them.

More information

You can find out more on gov.uk: Syrian refugees: what you can do to help

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