A third of flood-related deaths involve a vehicle because drivers take unnecessary risks.Flood water deeper than 30cm is enough to move a car.  You should not drive through flood water that is moving or more than 10cm deep.

Dangers of flood water

  • Flood water is dangerous, dirty and can carry disease.
  • Three-quarters of cars that get stuck are written-off as it only takes a tiny amount of ingested water to wreck the engine.
  • Flood water can mask all manner of hazards, for example open manholes, and just one foot or 30 centimetres of moving water can float your car.
  • If there is widespread flooding in your area then don’t travel and if a road is closed then turn around and make a detour. Your journey could take you a little longer but making the right decision could ultimately save your life.

More information

For more information and advice about flooding, see the Flood section on the Environment Agency's website.

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