When you apply for a garage, we will add you to the waiting list.

We welcome applications from home owners and private tenants. However, we will give preference to Waverley Borough Council tenants and former tenants who have bought their homes from the council.

You will receive an email acknowledgement.

When a garage becomes available within your chosen area(s), we will contact you to arrange a suitable viewing time.

If you decide to accept the garage, you will keep the garage key and we will send you a Direct Debit mandate as well as terms and conditions for you to complete and return.

Please note that you can only use the garage to keep a vehicle.

Garage rent payment

The amounts detailed below are weekly rental amounts, charged via Direct Debit.

Garage Address Waverley Borough Council tenants Private tenants
Standard rate £14.43 £17.32
Peperharow Road £15.60 £18.72
Meadrow £15.60 £18.72
Sunbrow, Haslemere £15.60 £18.72
Beaufort Road £16.31/£16.93 £19.57/£20.32
Kiln Avenue £16.93 £20.32
Waggon Yard £24.83 £29.80
Courtenay Road £14.86 £17.83
Latimer Road £15.60 £18.72
Hillhouse, Haslemere £15.60 £18.72

Apply for a garage

Pay your garage rent

You can pay your garage rent online, over the phone, by direct debit or at a paypoint.

Cancel your garage rental

If you wish to cancel your garage rental agreement, please fill out a termination form.

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