You can apply to rent a garage owned by Waverley. Please note that there may be waiting lists for some of the garages.

Garage rent payment

From £12.89 per week + VAT.

Garage waiting list and allocations

When you apply for a garage:

  • we will add your name to the waiting list for your preferred location
  • when a garage becomes available it will be offered to the applicant at the top of the waiting list for that area
  • preference will be given to tenants of Waverley Borough Council, followed by ex-tenants who have bought their homes from Waverley
  • tenants in arrears will not normally be considered for a garage.

Apply for a garage

Pay your garage rent

You can pay your garage rent online, over the phone, by direct debit or at a paypoint.

Cancel your garage rental

If you wish to cancel your garage rental agreement, please fill out a termination form.

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