Waverley owned garages

Apply for a garage

Where are Waverley's garages?

Waverley has garages in all the main towns that make up the borough, as well as some of the surrounding villages. Please remember that in some areas there may be a substantial waiting list.

To find out which garages are available please contact the Tenancy and Estates Team:

Tel: 01483 523163

Email: tenancyandestates@waverley.gov.uk

Garage waiting list and allocations

When you apply for a garage:

  • your name will be added to the waiting list for your
    preferred location
  • when a garage becomes available it will be offered to the
    applicant at the top of the waiting list for that area
  • preference will be given to tenants of Waverley Borough Council, followed by ex-tenants who have bought their homes from Waverley
  • tenants in arrears will not normally be considered for a garage.

Garage rent payment

Garage weekly rents start at £11.05 per week + VAT.

Rent for your garage must be paid on time. Rent is due every week, but you may pay it fortnightly or monthly in advance, or by direct debit. If you wish to retain your garage tenancy, the garage account must be kept clear of arrears. Where rent arrears rise to an unacceptable level or an account is in arrears for too long, we may decide to repossess the garage. If this happens a Notice to Quit is issued, the garage tenancy will be terminated unless all the arrears on the account are cleared before the expiry date given on the Notice.

If you wish to terminate your rental agreement with us for the garage you need to fill out a termination form.

You can pay your garage rent online, over the phone, by direct debit or at a paypoint.

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