Full plans application

You should submit a full plans application if you would like us to check the details of the proposed work. We check that the plans comply with Building Regulations which can save costly delays when works are being progressed.


Please refer to the fee chart to enable you to complete the form. If erecting or extending a building, a plan showing the location, size and position of the building and its relationship to adjoining boundaries is required.

Submit full plans application online (5 MB max file size)

Submit-a-plan (LABC website)

Alternatively, you can download a  full plans application form and post it to us.

What happens next

We will advise any amendments required to plans, and issue a compliance report when satisfied that the plans are fully compliant with Building Regulations.

You can start the work after you have submitted your plans, as long as you have given us two working days' notice.  However, we recommend you wait until the plans have been approved, in case any changes need to be made.

We will inspect all the work carried out at different stages in the project, and will issue a certificate of satisfactory completion as long as the work complies with the building regulations.  Find out more about Building work inspections.

The full plans notice is valid for three years.

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