You can ask us to add or change a property name. Adding or changing a name costs £35.  

Apply to add, remove or change an existing property name

Naming and Numbering of an Existing Property online form

How does the process work?

The procedure for changing a property name can take up to eight weeks to complete. We make our own checks and consult with the Royal Mail postcode centre.

The Royal Mail will put your amended address details onto its database. However, it could take up to six months for other companies' databases to be updated.

We cannot register a new name if it is the same or similar to a name of another property in the area.

You may have a name in addition to an existing number. However, the owner of the property is obliged to use the allocated number in their postal address and to display the number in a prominent position on the property so it is clearly visible from the road. 

Please do not make any changes to the address of your property until you have the address confirmed in writing by Waverley.

If the start date of the name change is altered or cancelled please inform us immediately.

Contact us

Lorraine Wilson
Address Development Officer
Street Naming and Numbering Section
Tel: 01483 523029

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