We adopted our current Corporate Plan in February 2016  and it sets out our priorities up until the next Council elections in May 2019.  Despite the immense financial pressure we are facing, we have ambitious plans for council services in the next four years.

Our priorities are:

Customer Service

We will strive to make continuous improvement in customer service and engage, listen to and understand the needs of our residents.

Community Wellbeing

The wellbeing and prosperity of our varied communities is at the heart of everything we do. Through the provision of affordable housing, leisure and recreational facilities, support for older people and vulnerable families as well as support for local businesses we will endeavour to secure the wellbeing of our communities.


Waverley is a beautiful place to live and work and we want to make it even better. The council has an important job in the role of stewardship of the land we own and manage on behalf of others. Through the planning service we can influence and support the aspirations for development in our towns and villages. We will also invest in making Waverley a clean and sustainable place.

Value for Money

The council faces enormous financial challenges over the next four years. We want to maintain and enhance our service delivery and will do this by careful financial management and planning.

You can download the full Corporate Plan 2016 - 2019.  You can also see how we manage performance to make sure we deliver our priorities.

For further information, please contact:

Louise Norie
Corporate Policy Manager
01483 523464.

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