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Delays to refuse and food waste collections

Some of today’s refuse and food waste collections in Tilford, Rushmoor and parts of Farnham have been delayed. Please leave your bins out and they will be emptied as soon as possible

Improving your council home

What you need to know first

Decorating the inside of your home

You don't need permission to decorate your home, in fact we would encourage you to keep your home freshly decorated and well maintained.

Do include any home decorations in your insurance just in case they get damaged by a fault which is not our responsibility. If we damage your decorations while working in your home, we will make good the affected area.  

If you think you may have asbestos in your home please contact us for advice before carrying out decorating work to your home.

Improvements to your home

You have the right to improve your home, if you ask us first. We usually say yes unless there is a very good reason. But, we won't give you permission if the improvement:

  • means less living space in your home
  • makes your home unsafe
  • creates disadvantages for neighbouring homes
  • makes it more expensive for us to maintain your home

You do not need to ask our permission to decorate the inside of your home or carry out minor improvements such as tiling or putting up shelving unless you have asbestos in your home in which case contact us first.

What to do next

For home decorating

You don't need permission - go ahead. 

For home improvement

You do need permission. Please email housing.repairs@waverley.gov.uk Please give us a daytime telephone number, mobile number or work number so we can contact you. We may arrange to visit you by appointment if appropriate. 

Please do not start the work or buy any materials until we give you written permission. Depending on the type of improvement you may also need to obtain planning permission or permission from building control for the work.  

Once approved you will become responsible for the future upkeep, repair and maintenance of any improvements that you make.

If you want help or advice on home decorating or improvement, consider attending one of our DIY days. We will put information on the website and in Waverley Homes & People when dates are set.

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