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Recharging for council housing repairs

Why you might be recharged for a repair

We will recharge you for repair work that we carry out that has been caused by damage or negligence.

For example:

  • a broken window or door caused by you, your visitors, other family members and pets
  • negligence (for example locking yourself or others out of a property)

We will tell you if the repair will be recharged when you report it to the Customer Service Team. We will send you an invoice for payment. It is possible to make an arrangement to pay the invoice by instalments.

Please note that rechargeable repairs can be expensive as you are charged for the full cost of the repair, which includes any call out fees for attending outside of normal working hours.

You might be able to claim back the cost of a rechargeable repair from your personal contents insurance. It is your responsibility to arrange contents cover and to check the policy details to see if you are covered for accidental damage.

Any questions? 

To enquire about a rechargeable repair please contact us on 0330 119 3000 during office hours.


Moving out of home


When you move from your home to move to another property please leave the property in a good, clean condition.

If you leave more rubbish behind than a wheelie bin full then we will have to clear it. You will be invoiced for this service. The can be expensive after the cost of hiring a skip, labour and disposal costs are added up.

You can save money when you move, by taking any rubbish to your local tip or you can arrange for a special collection. A special collection will cost you a lot less than if we have to arrange clearance for you.

Special collections

If your rubbish is too large to fit inside your wheelie bin (for example an old mattress or an old chest of drawers) then we can offer a special collection service.

Telephone 01483-523524 during office hours for more information.

The scheme is subsidised for those customers who are in receipt of income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, working family tax credit or disability living allowance.

After you have left your property

When you leave we will immediately carry out an inspection. If, for example, you leave broken internal doors, holes in plasterwork, have carried out DIY electrical work or have broken windows then an invoice will be sent to you for the full cost of any necessary repair works.

You should get any repairs done before you leave as it will be cheaper than us organising contractors to do the work and  charging you.

It is important that any 'making good' works are carried out competently either by yourself, a qualified tradesman or by one of our own contractors.

Not sure what to do?

Please contact us on 0330 119 3000 (during normal office hours) and we will offer advice or arrange for your Area Inspector to visit you by appointment and discuss the matter with you.


Please note that calls may be recorded for training or monitoring.

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