Whether you are an experienced landlord or someone who is new to "buy to let", we can offer you a service that could meet your requirements.

Our tenant finder scheme is free

You can rely on our expertise gained from running a scheme for the past fifteen years during which we have helped landlords to set up more than 800 tenancies.

We offer a housing options service to people living and/or working in the Waverley borough. The shortage of housing compounded by high rents presents problems to many people and especially those on a low income. Our aim is to help them secure rented accommodation through forging mutually beneficial links with landlords and letting agents in our area and adjoining areas. To this end we provide a free service to landlords that seeks to create a "win-win" situation for everyone involved in the rental process.

We only refer candidates to you after an interview

If you decide to sign up with us, we will refer prospective tenants to you by giving them your preferred contact details.

However, we will only do this after clients have successfully completed a full Housing Options interview. During the Housing Options interview, we will discuss the client's circumstances fully including their housing history and financial circumstances.

Afterwards, we will check the client's circumstances so far as we can in order to minimise any risk to you as a landlord.

We don't provide references for prospective tenants or carry out credit checks, and the decision' regarding whether to accept any person we refer to you, will be entirely yours to make.

If you are not happy to accept any person we refer to you, just let us know. We will refer another person to you, subject to availability.

You, as a landlord, remain in control

Our aim is to ensure that you as the landlord remain full in control of the letting and property management process, but Waverley Borough Council will help you with many of the practical aspects involved. We are committed to helping you achieve your objectives of maximising your return on investment and we hope that you will find our service offers significant benefits to you.

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