The Shopfront Design Guide SPD is mainly aimed at developers, retailers and business owners who have a shopfront and wish to make alterations, replace the entire structure or install signage.  The document may also be useful to others who have an interest in Waverley's town and village centres. The SPD is a material planning consideration and will be used in the determination of relevant planning applications. 

Shopfront Design Guide SPD 2016

Shopfront Design Guide adopted July 2016

Following public consultation, the Shopfront Design SPD was adopted at Full Council on 19 July 2016. Initially published in the early 1980s the Shopfront Design Guidelines document was in need of a refresh and review. Consequently a new SPD has been produced, updating the guidance and identifying some good practice examples. 

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These are a requirement under regulations 11 and 12 of The Town and Counrty Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

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