Current stage: Reviewing responses and developing the pre-submission plan

Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) will form the second stage of Waverley's new Local Plan. Together with Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites (LPP1) this document will replace the 2002 Local Plan.

LPP1 specifies the overall spatial strategy for development and growth in Waverley, and allocated strategic sites. LPP2 will provide the more detailed 'Development Management', review a suite of local designations and will allocate sites needed for housing or other uses in certain areas of Waverley. 

Preferred Options Consultation

The Preferred Options consultation represents the second key stage in the development of LPP2 and follows on from the Issues and Options document that was published for public consultation in 2017. You can view the Preferred Options document below:

Preferred Options Consultation Document (pdf)

The consultation has now closed; it ran for six weeks from Friday 25 May to Monday 9 July 2018.

View the responses

You can also view the responses by chapter.

Supporting documents

We produced a number of topic papers to support the consultation. They provide further detailed background and technical evidence behind the Preferred Options and are referenced in the text. Topic papers were produced on the following areas:

Other relevant documents

All other relevant documents can be found on our evidence studies and supporting documents page.

What happens next?

We will consider all of the comments received and use them to inform the next key stages of LPP2. You can register your details to be notified of the next stage.

More Information

For further information please contact the Planning Policy team by telephone on 01483 523291 or via email to

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