Members of the planning team

Waverley is a vibrant area with a strong economy, attractive towns and villages and exceptional countryside. Each of the borough’s towns and villages has its own distinct character with its own architectural styles and strong sense of civic pride.

We have 1,749 listed buildings in the borough and 43 Conservation Areas. However, we also need to accommodate new housing and provide opportunities for business to grow.

Waverley is a very expensive place with many residents unable to rent or buy housing in the area.

The planning service is currently amongst the top 15% of planning authorities in England for the speed of decisions when determining planning applications.

Our priorities

  • Considering the potential for a new settlement of 1,800 homes on a brownfield site.
  • Delivering high-quality developments that meet the needs of our communities.
  • Updating the council’s Local Plan to respond to the pro growth agenda.
  • Supporting the delivery of 10 neighbourhood plans.
  • Continuing to meet Government targets for speed of dealing with major applications.
  • Protecting the borough’s historic environment by continuing to undertake a raft of conservation reviews and develop a programme of environmental improvements.
  • Maintaining our position of one of the top planning authorities in determining planning applications.
  • Maintaining excellence in design including the running of a highly successful biennial Design Awards.

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