Waverley Borough Council is one of 11 local authorities in the county of Surrey.

The council has an annual turnover of £60 million, employs over 470 staff and provides more than 110 services to a population of 121,000.

These include services such as:

  • housing
  • planning
  • refuse collection
  • recycling
  • public health services
  • council tax collection.

Other Waverley Council services, like providing leisure facilities, the upkeep of playgrounds and parks and supporting the elderly and vulnerable families, have a big effect on people's lives.

How we deliver our services

Our services are delivered either directly by the council and/ or in partnership with a range of organisations including:

  • the private sector
  • other public sector partners
  • charities
  • local and community groups.

We achieve excellent performance by working with the organisations best able to help us deliver the highest quality services to our customers.

We work closely with a number of specialist organisations to secure the best possible quality of services for the people of Waverley. These organisations include:

  • Contractors, who deliver services on behalf of the council such as bin collections and housing improvements.
  • Voluntary and community organisations which support the council in providing essential services to our residents, like health and wellbeing support or opportunities for art and cultural development.
  • Other public bodies and businesses which provide a range of essential equipment and services.
  • New partnerships have been forged across the public, voluntary and private sectors. This includes new shared services arrangements for Payroll, IT, Air Quality and Family Support with neighbouring councils in Surrey.

Managing these external relationships well and developing strong and effective partnerships for the benefit of Waverley's communities is central to the council's 'place making' and community leadership roles.



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