Animal boarding licence

If you provide accommodation for other people's animals (any dog or cat) as a business including residential dwellings, you will need to apply to Waverley for either an Animal or Home Boarding Licence.

All premises must satisfy basic standards for the health, welfare and safety of the animals boarded.


  • business whose main function is not to provide accommodation to animals e.g. vet
  • establishments boarding small animals e.g. rabbits, guinea pigs etc.
  • keeping of an animal at any premises as requirement under Animal Health Act 1981 

Anyone can apply unless disqualified from keeping:

  • an animal boarding establishment
  • a pet shop
  • animals under the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954
  • or have a conviction under the Animals Welfare Act 2006.
Application form

Please download and complete the relevant application form:

Return it to:

Waverley Borough Council
Environmental Health
The Burys


Your application will be processed within 28 days


Non home boarding - £280
Home boarding - £200

If a veterinary inspection is necessary, you will also need to pay the associated veterinary fees.

The licence is valid for a maximum 12 months and you need to renew it before 1 January each year.
Additional notes

When deciding on whether to grant an Animal Boarding Establishment licence, we will consider whether:

  • the animals have access to suitable accommodation at all times, with regard to the construction and size of the quarters, number of animals kept, ventilation, cleanliness, exercising facilities, temperature and lighting
  • the animals will be suitably fed, watered, exercised, visited and supplied with adequate bedding material
  • the appropriate steps are in place to prevent and control the spread of infectious/contagious diseases, including isolation facilities
  • appropriate steps will be taken to protect the animals in the event of a fire or other emergency

A Waverley officer will visit the premises to ensure that it complies with the above conditions. In certain circumstances, a veterinary inspection may also be undertaken.

Public register

If you need any advice or want to make a complaint about someone who boards cats or dogs, please contact the Environmental Health Customer and Technical Support Team. 01483 523393